These videos are some of my work as a sound designer, recorder or audio mixer. 

This video shows a summary of the different projects that I have been working on, doing different labors but everything focused on the quality of sound and the design of it.

This Video is a final year project for the Sound Design major in the Vancouver Film School. The purpose was to replace the original sound with a new idea, and something different.


HyperReality is a history of a young girl, Juliana Restrepo, who has an augmented reality device which helps her with the everydayness jobs. However, she catches a computer virus, and her life has a significant change. 




Original video:

Rio Seco is a movie about two mechanics who live in the middle of the desert waiting for some job until the sister of one of them came to their house to solve a past problem. This film was shot in the Tatacoa Desert in Huila, Colombia and was directed by Pedro Hernavella and produced by Gallodioro Films and La Patota Films. 

Andres Osorio - Boom op.

The ambiance is a video that I made sound design for video footage who doesn't have audio. For this, I merge different techniques of audio editing and mixing into a single piece using various wild and animals recordings that I have been doing during the years.

The video Sunset and sunrise shows the idea of an average neighbor but sounding like a forest. For this, I used different recordings of various nature places. 

True News is a project made by the Digital Designer André Kisner. It's about how the world and the people trust in fake news and how to solve this worldwide problematic.


Andres Osorio - Sound Design, Music Editor and Audio Mixer.

My Whale (Inner Vission) is an interactive hexagonal screen installation in D Museum in Seoul, Korea and it was made by Tundra collective artistic.

For this video, I proposed a sound design with plastic pieces mimicking ocean waves. Also, it has synths audios which highlight the random light sparkles and a piece of music that merges everything.

Original video in

This show is about a millionaire guy who use to manage money in the stock market for bad guys. However, one day, he did a wrong movement, and he lost everything.

Film Production and Sound Design students from the Vancouver Film School did this project.


Andres Osorio - SFX Mixer and 5.1 Re-recordist.

In this episode, Philippe woke up in a community center due to his lousy situation and a hangover. However, after he has gone out, he is kidnaped by the bad guys, and now he is face to face with the boss.

Film Production and Sound Design students from the Vancouver Film School did this production.


Andres Osorio- SFX and Sound Design editor.

The sound design in this video was made just with a limit of sounds to fit the image and be dynamic even though the video was a slow-motion scene.

Cross was a short film doing by students of Vancouver Film School, and this project was a foley exercise for an assignment.   

Easy Money is a short pilot for a series made by film production students from the Vancouver Film School in which I was boom operator and sound mixer production.

The sound design in this video was made just with music to fit the dynamic of the image.