Andrés Felipe Osorio Jiménez 

A creative sound engineer with strengths in recording, editing, and mixing for music, as well as a sound designer for visual media (film), television, video games and animation. Offering a diverse background with expertise in MIDI protocol, skills in programming language and talented in design hardware focus on audio.


  • In charge of editing and mixing dialog, sound effects, and music for different tv reality shows like "Desafio 2019",  "Yo me llamo 2019", "Festival del humor", "Canta Conmigo", among others. Also,  backing it up in order to store it in Cracol's library.

  • Sound effects editor and 5.1 re-recordist for the short film "Cuerpo Oscuro" by the film company Voice Productions.

  • Boom operator and sound mixer for different audiovisual productions of students of the Vancouver Film School such us: Easy Money pilot and episode 2.

  • Sound effects and Sound Designer editor for the audiovisual production "Displaced episode 2" by students of the Vancouver Film School.

  • Re-recordist mixer for the audiovisual production "Displaced episode 2" by students of the Vancouver Film School.

  • Foley editor, foley recordist, sound designer, ADR recordist, and dialog editor for various short films for the Vancouver Film School.

  • Sound designer, SFX editor, dialog editor, and music supervisor for the final year project "Fake News" in charge of the Digital Designer Andre Climene Kisner.

  • Sound Engineer in the record label Zapata's Producciones. The work developed was the record, mixing and mastering for different music productions such us“Dinastia” by Jorge Andres Zapata, “Bibiana es…” by Jorge Zapata, poems disc of Fabio Polanco in charge of the production of Jorge Zapata, musical tracks “a que volviste” and “Homenaje a la Seleccion Colombia” by Albeiro Saenz, among others.

  • Boom operator for the motion picture "Rio Seco" by the film production company "La Patota Films" under the direction of Pedro Hernavella


Projects and Awards 

  • Design and construction of a control system for audio editors with integrated communication handling and monitoring. 

    • This project was awarded with the top prize by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in the category of Student Design Competition.

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